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Which tracks on the Ryko CDs are missing from the Rhino CDs?

The short answer is that eight tracks are missing from the latest reissues, and they can all be found on four Ryko CDs: the live versions of "He's Got You" and "Cry, Cry, Cry" on Almost Blue, the live versions of "The World And His Wife" and "Everyday I Write The Book" on Punch The Clock, "Deportee" on Goodbye Cruel World, and "Forgive Her Anything," "A Town Called Big Nothing (Really Big Nothing)," and "Return To Big Nothing" on Blood & Chocolate.

(In the case of "Deportee," a very similar alternate performance can be found on Rhino's King Of America.)

Also, the album Live At El Mocambo was part of Ryko's reissue program, but aside from one track, it is not included in the Rhino series.

The long answer is that several other tracks appear in slightly different form between the two reissue series. These differences are explained in more detail on the pages devoted to the individual albums. But to summarize:

"Mystery Dance" on disc 1 of Rhino's My Aim Is True fades out at the end, just as it did on the original LP, while Ryko's version ends with a cold stop.

"Radio Sweetheart" is presented in different mixes between the Ryko and Rhino versions of My Aim Is True.

A very brief snippet of "Pump It Up" can be heard during the fadeout of the live "Watching The Detectives" on Ryko's Armed Forces. This is not included on Rhino's CD.

The "Love For Tender" demo on Ryko's Get Happy!! was deliberately presented in incomplete form. It is complete on the Rhino CD.

"Black Sails In The Sunset" and "Twenty Five To Twelve" run a bit longer on Rhino's Trust than they did on Ryko's version.

The live versions of "There Won't Be Anymore," "Sittin' And Thinkin'," and "Honey Hush" appear in different mixes between the Ryko and Rhino versions of Almost Blue.

"Get Yourself Another Fool" is presented in different mixes between the Ryko and Rhino versions of Goodbye Cruel World.

"That's How You Got Killed Before (Reprise)" on the Ryko King Of America (part of the Live On Broadway bonus disc) includes some drum taps at the beginning and a shouted "goodnight" at the end. These are omitted from the Rhino release.

It should also be noted that both reissue programs include two versions of "Seconds Of Pleasure," the first a 1981 recording from Pathway Studios and the second a 1982 recording from Am-Pro Studios. In the Ryko series, the 1981 version was on Trust and the 1982 version on Imperial Bedroom. In the Rhino series, the 1981 version is on Imperial Bedroom and the 1982 version on Punch The Clock.

Where can I find a basic list of all the previously released tracks from 1977 to 1997 not included on the Rhino CDs?

Right here.
  1. Alison (US version) – on Singles, Volume 1
  2. Blame It On Cain (live) – on Singles, Volume 1
  3. Mystery Dance (live) – on Singles, Volume 1
  4. Miracle Man (live #1) – on Singles, Volume 1
  5. Miracle Man (live #2) – from Stiffs Live
  6. Watching the Detectives (alleged "demo version") – from NME Pogo A Go Go cassette
  7. Less Than Zero/Radio, Radio (live) – from Saturday Night Live — The Musical Performances Volume 1
  8. Pump It Up (BBC version) – from 1 And Only — 25 Years Of Radio 1
  9. You Gotta Lose (live with Richard Hell) – from Time
  10. Psycho (live) – from Fundamental Frolics
  11. He’s Got You (live) – from Ryko Almost Blue
  12. Cry Cry Cry (live) – from Ryko Almost Blue
  13. Little Goody Two Shoes – from Out Of Our Idiot
  14. Party Party – on Singles, Volume 2
  15. The World and His Wife (live) – from Ryko Punch The Clock
  16. Everyday I Write the Book (live) – from Ryko Punch The Clock
  17. Pills And Soap (extended version) – on Singles, Volume 2
  18. Everyday I Write The Book (special club version) – on Singles, Volume 3
  19. Everyday I Write The Book (instrumental) – on Singles, Volume 3
  20. Everyday I Write The Book (extended remix) – on Singles, Volume 3
  21. Let Them All Talk (extended remix) – on Singles, Volume 3
  22. I Wanna Be Loved (smooch 'n' runny version) – on Singles, Volume 3
  23. I Wanna Be Loved (version discotheque) – on Singles, Volume 3
  24. The Only Flame In Town (version discotheque) – on Singles, Volume 3
  25. Pump It Up (1984 monster mix) – on Singles, Volume 3
  26. Green Shirt (extended remix) – from "Green Shirt" 12" single
  27. Living A Little, Laughing A Little (with John Hiatt) – from Warming Up To The Ice Age
  28. Deportee (very similar alternate take) – from Ryko Goodbye Cruel World
  29. Don’t Get Above Your Raising (live with Ricky Skaggs) – from Live In London
  30. The End Of The Rainbow (alternate take with overdubs) – from The Anti-Heroin Project — It's A Live-In World
  31. I Hope You're Happy Now (Confederates version) – on Singles, Volume 3
  32. Don't Let Me Be Misunderstood (live) – on Singles, Volume 3
  33. Forgive Her Anything (Ryko version) – from Ryko Blood & Chocolate
  34. Many Rivers To Cross (live) – from Live For Ireland CD
  35. Leave My Kitten Alone (live) – from Live For Ireland LP
  36. A Town Called Big Nothing (Really Big Nothing) – on Singles, Volume 3
  37. Return To Big Nothing – on Singles, Volume 3
  38. A Town Called Big Nothing (The Long March) – on Singles, Volume 3
  39. Big Nothing (instrumental) – from Straight To Hell soundtrack
  40. Ship Of Fools/It Must Have Been The Roses (live) – from Stolen Roses: Songs Of The Grateful Dead
  41. ...This Town... (bastard mix) – from The Elvis Costello Hour promo LP
  42. You Want Her Too (with Paul McCartney) – from Flowers In The Dirt
  43. Weird Nightmare – from Weird Nightmare: Meditations On Mingus
  44. Alison (live) – from The Bridge School Concerts Vol. One
  45. May 17th – from Ferrington Guitars
  46. London’s Brilliant (demo) – from "London's Brilliant Parade" 12" single
  47. Do You Know What I'm Saying (demo) – from "Clown Strike" promo CD
  48. Puppet Girl (demo) – from "13 Steps Lead Down" CD single
  49. Basement Kiss (demo) – from "13 Steps Lead Down" CD single
  50. We Despise You (demo) – from "13 Steps Lead Down" CD single
  51. I Almost Had A Weakness (live) – from Live At New York Town Hall promo CD
  52. They Can't Take That Away From Me (live with Tony Bennett) – from MTV Unplugged
  53. Basement Kiss (live) – from "The Other End Of The Telescope" CD single
  54. All This Useless Beauty (live #1) – from Live From The Music Hall Volume Three
  55. All This Useless Beauty (live #2) – from Live From 6A: Great Musical Moments From Late Night With Conan O'Brien
  56. Just A Memory (live) – from VH1 Storytellers
  57. Little Atoms (Polished Glass mix) – from "Distorted Angel" CD single
  58. Little Atoms (DJ Food rinse) – from "Distorted Angel" CD single
  59. When That I Was And A Little Tiny Boy (with John Harle) – from Terror And Magnificence
  60. Aubergine (with the Jazz Passengers) – from Individually Twisted
  61. Doncha Go 'Way Mad (with the Jazz Passengers & Deborah Harry) – from Individually Twisted
  62. God Give Me Strength (live with Burt Bacharach) – from Live On Letterman
  63. That Day Is Done (live with the Fairfield Four) – from Live From Mountain Stage
  64. The Bridge I Burned (Facino mix) – from "The Bridge I Burned" promo CD
  65. The Bridge I Burned (Pop Lie mix) – from "The Bridge I Burned" promo CD
Not listed above: the entire Costello & Nieve box set, the remaining tracks from Live At El Mocambo and Deep Dead Blue, "Adrian" by Eurythmics (because I don't consider it a Costello performance), and a whole bunch of comparatively subtle mix variations (such as "Less Than Zero," "Radio Sweetheart," "Get Yourself Another Fool," and "Uncomplicated").

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