Most of these songs are available elsewhere in the current reissue program. The specific CD where each track can be found is identified in [brackets]. Tracks which are not otherwise part of the reissue program are marked in red.

DISC 1 (23:49)
  1. Everyday I Write The Book (3:56) [Punch The Clock]
  2. Heathen Town (3:11) [Punch The Clock bonus disc]
  3. Night Time (2:56) [Imperial Bedroom bonus disc]
  4. Everyday I Write The Book (extended mix) (4:55)
  5. Everyday I Write The Book (special version) (5:05)
  6. Everyday I Write The Book (instrumental) (3:41)
The three remixes make their only CD appearance. The "special version" and "instrumental" were previously available only on the US 12-inch single.

DISC 2 (12:12)
  1. Let Them All Talk (3:09) [Punch The Clock]
  2. The Flirting Kind (3:01) [Punch The Clock bonus disc]
  3. Let Them All Talk (extended remix) (5:59)
The remix makes its only CD appearance.

DISC 3 (7:25)
  1. Peace In Our Time (4:04) [Goodbye Cruel World]
  2. Withered And Died (3:14) [Goodbye Cruel World bonus disc]
DISC 4 (20:55)
  1. I Wanna Be Loved (4:51) [Goodbye Cruel World]
  2. Turning The Town Red (3:17) [Goodbye Cruel World bonus disc]
  3. I Wanna Be Loved (extended smoochy 'n' runny version) (5:39)
  4. I Wanna Be Loved (version discotheque) (7:04)
The two remixes make their only CD appearance. They were originally spread over two different 12-inch singles. Although it's a relatively minor oversight, track 1 really should be the "radio version," which fades a minute earlier (and can be found on the 1985 Columbia CD The Best Of Elvis Costello And The Attractions). Instead it is the album version, which was not used on any vinyl release of the single in the UK.

DISC 5 (17:38)
  1. The Only Flame In Town (3:38) [Goodbye Cruel World]
  2. The Comedians (2:35) [Goodbye Cruel World]
  3. Baby It's You with Nick Lowe (3:13) [Goodbye Cruel World bonus disc]
  4. The Only Flame In Town (version discotheque) (4:38)
  5. Pump It Up (1984 dance mix) (3:30)
The two remixes make their only CD appearance. "Baby It's You" was not on any version of the UK vinyl single, although it was on the US 12-inch.

DISC 6 (6:37)
  1. The People's Limousine (3:41) [King Of America bonus disc]
  2. They'll Never Take Her Love From Me (2:53) [King Of America bonus disc]
DISC 7 (14:10)
  1. Don't Let Me Be Misunderstood (3:21) [King Of America]
  2. Baby's Got A Brand New Hairdo (3:26) [Blood & Chocolate bonus disc]
  3. Get Yourself Another Fool (Ryko mix) (4:04)
  4. Don't Let Me Be Misunderstood (live) (3:17)
The live "Don't Let Me Be Misunderstood" was previously available only on a promo-only US single. This is its CD debut and its only commercial release to date. "Get Yourself Another Fool" is not the correct single mix but instead the alternate mix from Ryko's Goodbye Cruel World — which is itself missing from Rhino's reissue program because the Goodbye Cruel World bonus disc uses the single mix which should have been on Singles, Volume 3!

DISC 8 (10:51)
  1. Tokyo Storm Warning (part 1) (3:58)
  2. Tokyo Storm Warning (part 2) (3:36)
  3. Black Sails In The Sunset (3:14) [Trust bonus disc]
The 7-inch vinyl single split "Tokyo Storm Warning" into two parts on opposite sides of the record. That rather odd listening experience is presented here as tracks 1 and 2, both making their CD debut.

DISC 9 (9:45)
  1. I Want You (6:43) [Blood & Chocolate]
  2. I Hope You're Happy Now (Confederates version) (2:59)
The vinyl versions of this single featured a solo recording of "I Hope You're Happy Now" which should have made its CD debut in this collection. Instead Singles, Volume 3 mistakenly includes a previously unreleased (except on bootlegs) band version from the King Of America sessions, which is in some ways an even more interesting inclusion. The solo version eventually appeared on the King Of America bonus disc.

DISC 10 (11:38)
  1. Blue Chair (single version) (3:42) [Blood & Chocolate bonus disc]
  2. American Without Tears No. 2 (Twilight Version) (3:36) [Blood & Chocolate bonus disc]
  3. Shoes Without Heels (4:17) [King Of America bonus disc]
This disc strangely omits the King Of America version of "American Without Tears," which was on the original 12-inch single.

DISC 11 (14:32)
  1. A Town Called Big Nothing (Really Big Nothing) (5:45)
  2. Return To Big Nothing (2:53)
  3. A Town Called Big Nothing (The Long March) (5:45)
Although "A Town Called Big Nothing (Really Big Nothing)" and "Return To Big Nothing" both appeared on the Ryko Blood & Chocolate, they have not yet appeared on any of the Rhino reissues. "A Town Called Big Nothing (The Long March)" is otherwise unavailable on CD.




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