1. Clubland (3:42)
  2. Lovers Walk (2:16)
  3. You'll Never Be A Man (2:55)
  4. Pretty Words (3:10)
  5. Strict Time (2:40)
  6. Luxembourg (2:26)
  7. Watch Your Step (2:58)
  8. New Lace Sleeves (3:45)
  9. From A Whisper To A Scream (2:53)
  10. Different Finger (1:58)
  11. White Knuckles (3:47)
  12. Shot With His Own Gun (3:29)
  13. Fish 'N' Chip Paper (2:54)
  14. Big Sister's Clothes (2:12)
BONUS DISC (50:02)
  1. Black Sails In The Sunset (3:07)
  2. Big Sister (2:15)
  3. Twenty-Five To Twelve (4:03)
  4. Sad About Girls (2:47)
  5. From A Whisper To A Scream (alternate version) (3:24)
  6. Watch Your Step (alternate version) (2:44)
  7. Clubland (alternate take) (4:00)
  8. You'll Never Be A Man (alternate take) (3:08)
  9. Slow Down (2:23)
  10. Big Sister (alternate version) (5:04)
  11. Black Sails In The Sunset (alternate version) (3:05)
  12. Hoover Factory (alternate version) (1:43)
  13. Love For Sale (3:02)
  14. Boy With A Problem (2:30)
  15. Weeper's Dream (1:05)
  16. Gloomy Sunday (3:12)
  17. The Long Honeymoon (instrumental piano demo) (1:41)
Trust was one of the more impressive releases in Rykodisc's mid-'90s reissue campaign. Because only two non-album tracks from the period had previously been released, it was necessary to dig a little to find additional bonus material, resulting in seven previously unreleased recordings. (Only six are repeated here, since "Seconds Of Pleasure" has been moved to Rhino's Imperial Bedroom bonus disc.) With many of the best outtakes already available, Rhino's bonus disc was bound to be a bit anticlimactic, but the nine new outtakes, all studio recordings, prove the bottom of the barrel had not yet been scraped.

There is some confusion surrounding the Trust recording sessions. Elvis wrote in the Ryko liner notes that the album "was recorded in late October and early November of 1980 at DJM Studios near Holborn, although we inevitably returned to Eden Studios for the final sessions." Despite this suggestion that the majority of the album was recorded at DJM, the Rhino liner notes have Elvis telling of the DJM sessions being such a disaster that "it quickly became apparent" that a different studio was needed, and "we effectively began again" upon moving to Eden.

Rhino's track notes add to the confusion by repeating "late October/early November" as the date of the album sessions, but also offering July 1980 as the recording date for outtakes from the DJM sessions and September 1980 for additional Eden recordings. Certainly it seems unlikely that the band would return to DJM in late October if the July sessions had not gone well. I will operate under the assumption that the Trust sessions encompassed all of the reported dates: July at DJM and September at Eden, with the final sessions taking place in late October and early November, presumably also at Eden.


Deliberately or not, this four-song sequence effectively illustrates the band's progress in what Elvis describes as "our attempts to batter the material into shape" during the troubled July 1980 sessions at DJM Studios. "From A Whisper To A Scream" is quite rough and in some ways a regression from the November 1979 version on the Get Happy!! bonus disc. (Both versions are sung by Elvis alone and predate Glenn Tilbrook's involvement.) "Watch Your Step" improves on its November 1979 counterpart (also on the Get Happy!! bonus disc) while retaining a similarly frenetic approach. "Clubland" is the first to resemble its album version, with a less ornate but otherwise very similar instrumental backing. The track is marred only by a weak vocal and a couple of inferior lyrics which would be rewritten before the album was completed. "You'll Never Be A Man" is quite close to the final take and is perhaps the most similar "alternate" which has appeared on a Rhino bonus disc to date.

A definite highlight of the bonus disc, this is Elvis' only officially released version of the Larry Williams song. It was recorded at Eden in September 1980.

This much slower and longer (the latter not entirely due to the former) attempt at "Big Sister" downplays the humor and focuses on the anger in the lyrics. It was recorded at DJM in July 1980.

This earlier version of "Black Sails In The Sunset" with Elvis accompanied only by Steve Nieve was recorded at Eden Studios in October 1979 during the Get Happy!! sessions (or "shortly after" those sessions, according to Elvis' liner notes). This had been mentioned as "lost" in the liner notes for the Ryko Trust.

This version of "Hoover Factory" is a bit of a mystery. It was apparently added to the bonus disc at the last minute and is not mentioned at all in Elvis' liner notes. It is credited as an Eden Studios recording from "late 1980/early 1981." Since the earlier recording of "Hoover Factory" had been released in November 1980 on Taking Liberties and Ten Bloody Marys, there would be little reason for Elvis to record it again in the months immediately following. It seems far more likely that this would have been recorded during the earliest portions of "late 1980" -- perhaps in September, when "Twenty-Five To Twelve" and "Slow Down" were recorded at Eden. In this speculative scenario, Elvis attempted this version of "Hoover Factory" either as a contender for Trust or perhaps even specifically for Taking Liberties/Ten Bloody Marys but, dissatisfied with the result, decided to release the original version instead. The alternate is notable for replacing the eccentric instrumentation of the original with a more traditional keyboard-led backing (presumably featuring Steve Nieve). The vocals, particularly the multi-tracked background vocals, are surprisingly faithful to the earlier version.

Recorded along with "Gloomy Sunday" at September Sound Studios in Huddersfield during the Trust tour in March 1981, this is one of those recordings which Elvis had spoken about for years prior to its official release. Elvis had attempted without success to instigate a songwriting collaboration with Sammy Cahn by sending him this instrumental demo and inviting him to write lyrics for it. Strangely, Elvis says on 1982's A Conversation With Elvis Costello promo LP that Steve Nieve played the piano on the demo, but it is almost certainly the work of Elvis himself.


Elvis' liner notes say this was recorded at DJM Studios and considered a contender for Trust, which would seem to place the recording date as no later than November 1980, while Rhino's track notes identify it as an Eden Studios recording from "late 1980/early 1981." The confusion may be the result of the Out Of Our Idiot track notes indicating it was mixed at Eden (in 1980) without identifying the studio where it was recorded. According to Elvis' recollection in the Ryko notes, "This version was removed from the album sequence, as I believed we might still record a superior version. However the song never seemed to fit onto any subsequent album," and this recording eventually surfaced in 1986 on the B-side of "Tokyo Storm Warning" and on Out Of Our Idiot the following year. The version on the Ryko Trust inexplicably fades about 13 seconds early, but it is complete on all other releases.

Intended for Trust but removed once the song was reworked as "Big Sister's Clothes," this is identified as a DJM recording in Rhino's track notes, although Out Of Our Idiot had placed it as coming from Eden. This was first issued on the obscure NME Dancin' Master cassette and later found wider release on the B-side of "You Little Fool" and Out Of Our Idiot.

Recorded in September 1980 at Eden Studios, "Twenty-Five To Twelve" was an entirely unknown song prior to its appearance on the Ryko Trust. The Rhino version runs about 10 seconds longer than the Ryko.

The Attractions had probably just put the finishing touches on their album without Elvis, Mad About The Wrong Boy (released in September 1980), when they re-recorded one of its songs with Elvis at DJM in July 1980. Written by Steve Nieve and his then-girlfriend Fay Hart, "Sad About Girls" had been sung by Elvis in concert a few times, but it is unclear how serious a contender it ever was for Trust. It was released for the first time on the Ryko CD.

These three tracks were released for the first time on the Ryko CD. All were recorded at Eden Studios and credited with the vague recording date of "early 1980/late 1981," which means they were recorded either at the end of the Trust sessions or shortly after. Certainly none of these is likely to have been intended for Trust. Cole Porter's "Love For Sale" was recorded with Rockpile guitarist Billy Bremner. "Boy With A Problem" should probably be labeled "Boy With A Problem (demo)," as it sounds like an attempt to get a rough version of the Difford/Costello composition on tape rather than an attempt to create a releasable performance. It is notable as an early example of Elvis playing piano and for presenting Chris Difford's original lyric, which Elvis had altered slightly by the time it was re-recorded for Imperial Bedroom. "Weeper's Dream" is a brief solo guitar instrumental which Elvis had written "around 1973."

Although Elvis' studio recording of this song associated with Billie Holliday was released for the first time on the Ryko CD, a live performance of the same guitar-and-vocal arrangement from June 1, 1981 had previously been available on the video Fundamental Frolics. The studio version was recorded at September Sound Studios in Huddersfield in March 1981.


All previously released recordings from the Trust period are included in this collection. However, the demo of "Seconds Of Pleasure" (recorded at Pathway Studios in August 1981) which had appeared on Ryko's version of Trust is not included here, turning up instead on Rhino's Imperial Bedroom bonus disc along with several other demos recorded at the time.


These three tracks from the Trust rehearsals (held at a cottage in Devon) were included on an early track listing for the bonus disc, but they were eventually dropped. It seems very likely that additional songs exist from the rehearsals.

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