Most of these songs are available elsewhere in the current reissue program. The specific CD where each track can be found is identified in [brackets]. Tracks which are not otherwise part of the reissue program are marked in red.

DISC 1 (5:53)
  1. Less Than Zero (3:13) [My Aim Is True]
  2. Radio Sweetheart (2:32) [My Aim Is True bonus disc]
The Singles boxes get off to a bad start with the very first track, as "Less Than Zero" is represented by the very familiar album mix. Whether this was a deliberate decision or an oversight is unclear, but the original single mix of "Less Than Zero" has never appeared on CD. "Radio Sweetheart," which also exists in two unique mixes, uses the correct single mix which also appears on the My Aim Is True bonus disc.

DISC 2 (7:59)
  1. Alison (3:26) [My Aim Is True]
  2. Welcome To The Working Week (1:25) [My Aim Is True]
  3. Alison (US version) (3:05)
Only the first two tracks appeared on the original UK single. The third track is the version of "Alison" which was overdubbed and remixed specifically for the American market. This is its only CD appearance (and only UK release) to date. It is unlisted anywhere on the Singles, Volume 1 packaging. Val Jennings, who compiled the box sets, told ICE magazine: "That was the only way Elvis would let me include it: if we didn't mention it. I was pleased I managed to talk him into doing that, but that was the only way he'd allow me."

DISC 3 (4:30)
  1. Red Shoes (2:50) [My Aim Is True]
  2. Mystery Dance (1:38) [My Aim Is True]
DISC 4 (12:34)
  1. Watching The Detectives (3:48) [My Aim Is True]
  2. Blame It On Cain (live) (2:51)
  3. Mystery Dance (live) (1:56)
  4. Miracle Man (live) (3:55)
The three live tracks are otherwise unavailable on CD. Only the first two actually appeared on the B-side of the vinyl "Watching The Detectives" single, but in a nice nod to collectors, a third track from the same concert (originally released on the B-side of "Alison" in the US and never previously available in the UK) is included here as well.

DISC 5 (5:40)
  1. (I Don't Want To Go To) Chelsea (3:13) [This Years Model]
  2. You Belong To Me (2:25) [This Years Model]
DISC 6 (6:23)
  1. Stranger In The House (3:06) [My Aim Is True bonus disc]
  2. Neat Neat Neat (live) (3:15) [This Years Model bonus disc]
The vinyl "Stranger In The House"/"Neat Neat Neat" single was never a stand-alone release. It was a bonus included with initial copies of This Years Model in the UK. Although the original single version of "Neat Neat Neat" faded out before the song's conclusion, this version differs slightly by including the full ending as heard on the This Years Model bonus disc.

DISC 7 (6:34)
  1. Pump It Up (3:20) [This Years Model]
  2. Big Tears (3:11) [This Years Model bonus disc]
DISC 8 (5:54)
  1. Radio, Radio (3:08) [This Years Model]
  2. Tiny Steps (2:43) [Armed Forces bonus disc]
DISC 9 (4:08)
  1. Talking In The Dark (1:56) [Armed Forces bonus disc]
  2. Wednesday Week (2:06) [Armed Forces bonus disc]
The vinyl version of this single was given away at several late 1978/early 1979 concerts but never given a standard release. Since both of these songs were later included (in identical versions) on the B-side of the "Accidents Will Happen" single, and that single is also replicated in this box set, this disc is awfully redundant from a musical standpoint. Its inclusion in the box set seems to be intended mainly for the purpose of reproducing the picture sleeve.

DISC 10 (4:36)
  1. Oliver's Army (2:58) [Armed Forces]
  2. My Funny Valentine (1:32) [Armed Forces bonus disc]
DISC 11 (7:10)
  1. Accidents Will Happen (2:59) [Armed Forces]
  2. Talking In The Dark (1:55) [Armed Forces bonus disc]
  3. Wednesday Week (2:06) [Armed Forces bonus disc]
"Talking In The Dark" and "Wednesday Week" are identical to the versions on disc 9 of this box set. As was the case with the vinyl single, the picture sleeve is deliberately printed with the graphics on the inside to demonstrate that "accidents will happen."

DISC 12 (4:09)
  1. I Can't Stand Up For Falling Down (2:09) [Get Happy!!]
  2. Girls Talk (1:57) [Get Happy!! bonus disc]




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