Most of these songs are available elsewhere in the current reissue program. The specific CD where each track can be found is identified in [brackets]. Tracks which are not otherwise part of the reissue program are marked in red.

DISC 1 (8:29)
  1. High Fidelity (2:30) [Get Happy!!]
  2. Getting Mighty Crowded (2:10) [Get Happy!! bonus disc]
  3. Clowntime Is Over No. 2 (3:46) [Get Happy!! bonus disc]
DISC 2 (11:13)
  1. New Amsterdam (2:15) [Get Happy!!]
  2. Dr. Luther's Assistant (3:29) [Get Happy!! bonus disc]
  3. Ghost Train (3:08) [Get Happy!! bonus disc]
  4. Just A Memory (2:18) [Get Happy!! bonus disc]
While all other CDs in the Singles boxes have generic artwork on the discs themselves, the "New Amsterdam" CD reproduces the design which originally appeared on the vinyl picture disc.

DISC 3 (7:36)
  1. Clubland (3:46) [Trust]
  2. Clean Money (2:00) [Armed Forces bonus disc]
  3. Hoover Factory (1:47) [Get Happy!! bonus disc]
DISC 4 (5:28)
  1. From A Whisper To A Scream (2:57) [Trust]
  2. Luxembourg (2:28) [Trust]
DISC 5 (5:13)
  1. Good Year For The Roses (3:08) [Almost Blue]
  2. Your Angel Steps Out Of Heaven (1:59) [Almost Blue bonus disc]
DISC 6 (6:40)
  1. Sweet Dreams (2:57) [Almost Blue]
  2. Psycho (live) (3:36) [Almost Blue bonus disc]
The Singles, Volume 2 version of "Psycho," which fades out as the song ends, is more faithful to the original single than the version on the Almost Blue bonus disc, which remains at full volume while continuing with another song from the same concert. (The same "single edit" can be found on the various artists collection From Hell To Obscurity and the Ryko Almost Blue.)

DISC 7 (15:48)
  1. I'm Your Toy (live) (3:45) [Almost Blue bonus disc]
  2. Cry, Cry, Cry (alternate vocal) (2:48)
  3. Wondering (alternate vocal) (2:20)
  4. My Shoes Keep Walking Back To You (2:02) [Almost Blue bonus disc]
  5. Blues Keep Calling (2:06) [Almost Blue bonus disc]
  6. Honky Tonk Girl (2:27) [Almost Blue bonus disc]
When Singles, Volume 2 was released, this was perhaps the most interesting and the most frustrating disc in any of the Singles boxes. "I'm Your Toy" was originally released as a 7-inch and 12-inch single with different B-sides in each format: "Cry, Cry, Cry" and "Wondering" on the 7-inch and "My Shoes Keep Walking Back To You," "Blues Keep Calling," and "Honky Tonk Girl" on the 12-inch. Since only "My Shoes Keep Walking Back To You" was included in Ryko's reissue program (and Rhino's Almost Blue had not yet been released), this disc should have marked the CD debut for the remaining four tracks. While "Blues Keep Calling" and "Honky Tonk Girl" did indeed make their first CD appearances, the wrong tapes were used for the 7-inch B-sides. As a result, "Cry Cry Cry" and "Wondering" are presented here in an unfinished state, with slight differences in Elvis' vocal tracks. This error has become less significant now that all of these tracks are available in their original single versions on Rhino's Almost Blue. In fact, an argument could be made that this disc is now most notable for including these slightly different versions of "Cry, Cry, Cry" and "Wondering," available nowhere else.

DISC 8 (8:44)
  1. You Little Fool (3:09) [Imperial Bedroom]
  2. Big Sister (2:16) [Trust bonus disc]
  3. The Stamping Ground (3:10) [Imperial Bedroom bonus disc]
DISC 9 (14:59)
  1. Man Out Of Time (5:30) [Imperial Bedroom]
  2. Town Cryer (alternate version) (2:18) [Imperial Bedroom bonus disc]
  3. Man Out Of Time (DJ edit) (4:18)
  4. Imperial Bedroom (2:49) [Imperial Bedroom bonus disc]
"Man Out Of Time (DJ edit)" is new to CD and was previously available only on a promo-only single. It is somewhat strangely inserted into the track listing which is otherwise based on the 12-inch single.

DISC 10 (5:43)
  1. From Head To Toe (2:34) [Imperial Bedroom bonus disc]
  2. The World Of Broken Hearts (3:03) [Imperial Bedroom bonus disc]
DISC 11 (6:04)
  1. Party Party (3:12)
  2. Imperial Bedroom (2:49) [Imperial Bedroom bonus disc]
The liner notes say that "Party Party" "makes its appearance in the digital medium for the first time." This is incorrect, since the Party Party soundtrack album was previously available on CD, but the song is otherwise excluded from the reissue program. "Imperial Bedroom" is identical to the version on disc 9 of this set (and the Imperial Bedroom bonus disc).

DISC 12 (8:00)
  1. Pills And Soap (3:46) [Punch The Clock]
  2. Pills And Soap (extended version) (4:12)
The rather pointless "extended version" of "Pills And Soap" makes its only CD appearance.




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